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Applies to:

  • Geotab Drive malfunction Notices
  • ELD malfunction Code
  • ELD Diagnostic Code Register
  • Mandatory Document
  • Red Bar / Yellow Bar
  • Driver / Operator Responsibility

From Geotab Drive, the driver is notified when the ELD presents or detects an anomaly. According to Canadian ELD mandate and American ELD regulations, failure events must be indicated in order to take action.


Troubleshooting Steps for malfunction notices:

  • Press the red message indicating the presence of a malfunction.
  • If data is missing, record on a paper log, required information that can’t be retrieve them from the ELD.
  • Press the question mark to understand the malfunction and see the actions to take.
  • When you have examined the malfunction, press the “Clear” button;
  • Identify the code related to the malfunction in the reference code table.
  • Inform your motor carrier immediately of the presence of a malfunction.
  • Check that your record of duty status (RODS) are complete and are compliant with the federal regulations (for example, no activities, locations or distances are missing).
  • Add an annotation to your e-log, with the following information: the fault code; the date and time the malfunction code was notice; when you informed the carrier of the presence of a malfunction code.

The driver is required to record the code in the RODS for each day following the code's discovery until the ELD is repaired or replaced.

If the ELD detects a diagnostic event, a yellow bar will be present.

  • Review the diagnostic event data screen. Once you have reviewed the data, address the issue.
  • Data diagnostic events cannot be cleared by the driver; they are automatically cleared once the problem is resolved.

Download the documents in the article for all details and the list of malfunction codes.

ELD Anomaly Notice Guide - ELD Malfunction Guide

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