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Geotab Drive - How to Add a Manual Log?

Manually adding service and rest hours in a DCE

The driver must manually add all working hours (ON) outside the vehicle. This function also allows the driver to add a rest activity (OFF). Refer to the regulations below to ensure compliance.

Here's a video crated by Geotab : https://support.geotab.com/video-hub/video?uuid=Yb5mN7TvD3vfgwbakS5qpj

Steps to Add a Log (Status)

You can manually add daily logs for the past 14 days.

  1. Press Add Log
  2. Choose the pencil icon to select the correct status (ON or OFF)
  3. Select the start time of the new status
  4. Add an annotation and press Add
  5. Repeat adding status for all other statuses.


The activity report produced using a DCE

The operator requires the driver to record their activities and information related to their activity reports using an electronic logging device.

The driver is required to comply with this requirement. The information that must be recorded by the driver includes:

  • [...]
  • If the driver was not required to complete an activity report immediately before the start of the day
    • the number of hours of rest and work accumulated for each of the days when they were not required to complete an activity report during the preceding 14 days;
  • where applicable, the reasons justifying the exceeding of the authorized number of hours or the postponement of rest hours carried out in accordance with this regulation;
  • if the driver worked for more than one operator during the current day or during the preceding 14 days:
    • for each of the 14 days preceding the start of the current day,
      • the hours accumulated for each activity
      • the start and end time of each 16-hour period
      • the start and end time of each activity during the current day, before the electronic logging device is used;
      • [...]
      • any necessary annotation to specify the activity report. 51 At the end of the day, the driver certifies the accuracy of the activity reports