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Geotab Drive: How to Ignore a Status?


  • Driver Application
  • Ignoring a Status
  • Violation
  • Forgetting to Disconnect

It is possible for a driver who has the security authorization to ignore statuses in their logbook.


To ignore a status via Geotab Drive:

  1. Select the status to ignore from the list of statuses in the HOS > Logs section
  2. Select "Yes" to Ignore
  3. Enter an Annotation
  4. Save

An indication will appear at the top of the log indicating that this entry has been ignored. Similar to when an administrator ignores an entry, it remains present in the driver's statuses but is removed from the hour calculation. It is at the discretion of the enforcement officer to accept or reject the explanation and consider these movements in the hour calculation.


Once saved, a note will be visible below the graph indicating the number of entries that have been ignored and informing the driver that these entries will still be visible during an inspection.


The status that has been ignored will be visible in the list of statuses below the graph but will be indicated in gray with the note that it has been ignored.