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Geotab Drive: Performing a Countersignature

If the vehicle has already been inspected by another driver within the last 24 hours, it is possible to perform a countersignature instead of conducting a new Safety Check. If accepted, the driver ensures that the check is valid (completed within the last 24 hours) and countersigns the Safety Check report to attest that they have reviewed it. The driver is then not held responsible for the Safety Check but remains responsible for keeping the report up to date and reporting any defects observed during the journey.


  1. Press "Ignore the rest" on the Safety Check page.
  2. Press "DVIR History."
  3. Press "Countersign."
  4. Ensure the number of hours elapsed since the Safety Check and check if any defects have been reported.
  5. Press "Accept and countersign." You then become responsible for keeping the Safety Check up to date.
  6. A green confirmation will appear at the top of the screen.

**Important** The Countersign button disappears once the Safety Check has expired.