Checklist of acquired skills - Geotab Drive

As an operator you must ensure that all your drivers know how to use the Geotab Drive application. Drivers must master all aspects on the attendance list as listed on the FMCSA website.


To assist you in your training process, we have created a Geotab Drive skills checklist.


Compliance Tip: Add this completed list to your driver's file.

Checklist of acquired skills - Geotab Drive

  • Login
    • Login to the Geotab Drive application
    • Associate a vehicle
    • Associate trailer(s)
    • Associate shipment numbers (if applicable)
    • Checking logs
    • Management of unassigned logs
  • Asset Inspection (Security rounds)
    • Start a new inspection
    • Certify the previous inspection
    • Report a failure
    • Report a repair
  • Dashboard
    • Asset management (vehicle/trailer/shipping)
    • Set of rules management (if applicable)
  • Hours of Service (HOS)
    • View and analyze Service Hours
    • Perform a manual status change
    • Edit and annotate a status
    • Identify and report anomaly notices
    • Accept or reject a status change proposal
    • Check logs (daily)
  • Road control (Roadside assistance)
    • Send daily logs (HOS) via email (Canada)
    • Send daily logs (HOS) via the ERODS system (United States)
    • Generate a compliance report on screen
    • Send the inspection sheet (Safety Tour) via email
    • Generate an on-screen Safety Tour report
  • Log off
    • Perform a complete disconnection
  • Additional procedures
    • Creating the completed custom signature
    • Change password

Liste compétences acquises chauffeur (Geotab Drive).pdf