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Visit the Canadian Justice Law website to consult the Canadian regulations for ELD


(7) The motor carrier shall ensure that each commercial vehicle that it operates carries an ELD information packet containing a current version of the following documents:

(a) a user manual;

(b) a driver instruction sheet describing the data transfer methods supported by the DCE and the procedures for generating and transferring the driver's hours-of-service data to an inspector

(c) a driver instruction sheet describing the actions to be taken in the event of a DCE failure

(d) sufficient activity reports to allow the driver to record the information required under section 82 for at least 15 days.


In order to comply, AttriX has created a complete user manual, including all the documents required by law.

For a turnkey service, we offer the purchase of the documents in color with a plastic cover.
Order your documents by clicking here or contact your assigned representative.


Please note that the AttriX Driver's Guide includes the all the mandatory documents.

In addition to the mandatory documents for the DCE mandate, the driver must have in the vehicle:

  • Blank daily logs (minimum of 15 logs)
  • Blank inspection logs
  • Asset inspection defect list

AttriX DX Terminals

The mandatory documents and the Geotab Drive user's manual powered by AttriX are available at all times in the AttriX DX terminals. To consult the documents, simply:

  • Click on My Files
  • Navigate to Downloads
  • Select the file
  • Open with a PDF reader