Geotab Drive : Driver manual (mandatory for ELD)


  • Mandatory document DCE / ELD
  • Geotab Drive
  • Driver's guide
  • Malfunctions and transfer document

Download the Driver's Guide created by AttriX to ensure the proper management of your drivers' hours of service (HOS) and security rounds.  This manual contains all the English and French documents required by the DCE and ELD regulations at the end of the manual. 


Please note that according to the Canadian law: Article DORS/2019-165, art. 24

A motor carrier shall ensure that every commercial vehicle that it operates carries a DCE information package that includes a current version of the following documents:

  • (a) a user’s manual;

  • (b) an instruction sheet for the driver describing the data transfer mechanisms supported by the ELD and the steps required to generate and transfer the data with respect to the driver’s hours of service to an inspector;

  • (c) an instruction sheet for the driver describing the measures to take in the event that the ELD malfunctions; and

  • (d) a sufficient number of records of duty status to allow the driver to record the information required under section 82 for at least 15 days.

Electronic Logging Device

  • A motor carrier shall ensure that the ELD (tablet or phone) is mounted in a fixed position during the operation of the commercial vehicle and is visible to the driver when the driver is in the normal driving position.

English Geotab Driver User Manuel (Sept. 2022).pdf

French Geotab Drive user manual (sept. 2022)