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Geotab Drive: How to Log Out of the App?

Perform a proper and complete logout.

When the driver is no longer responsible for the vehicle, they must disassociate themselves from the vehicle and/or log out of the application. As long as the driver is connected and associated with the vehicle, they are responsible for all vehicle movements.

** IMPORTANT: Closing the Geotab Drive application does not log the driver out of the application.

What are the steps to log out?

Complete your end-of-day tasks as described below:

  1. Press your name or the person icon, or the Plus icon, and then select Logout.
  2. Perform or skip the post-trip inspection of assets (important to adhere to the recommended duration).
  3. f applicable, disassociate the trailer and shipment numbers.
  4. Check the logs (signatures).
  5. Update status to OFF.
  6. Wait for complete logout (return to the login screen).
  7. Close the application.

Download the driver document by clicking here.